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Hi! I’m Amanda. I’m a passionate and enthusiastic Graphic and Digital Designer. I live my life like I’m on one big, constant adventure. I have a fascination for exploring the unknown and capturing my experiences through a pencil, a mouse or a lens. I call the outcome sophistication with an edge. You will probably always find me smiling, because I really do find happiness and joy in the smallest of things. I’m always trying to return the favor to the world, especially by putting a smile on other people’s faces. I like being the reason why you found that penny heads up.

My personal work illustrates exploration, both physically and conceptually. I basically wear my Nikon camera as a necklace so I won’t ever miss a beautiful shot. But my real passion lies in conceptually exploring the relationship between emotion and design. I strongly believe that design should tell a personal and deeper story beneath its surface. As a form of therapy, this idea helps me share the journeys and obstacles that I have been through, in the hope of inspiring people to want to share journeys and emotions of their own.

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