Amanda Griffin Design | Boston Children’s Museum Print Ads
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Boston Children’s Museum
Print Ads

This is a project created for a Creative Concept Class, put on by The Ad Club of Boston, MA.
Client: Boston Children’s Museum
Task: Create advertising for the Boston Children’s Museum.
Solve: The task was to deliver advertising for the Boston Children’s Museum, but we wanted to go beyond that and challenge ourselves to do a little rebranding as well. We wanted to give the Boston Children’s Museum a more organic look and feel because we felt it better represented the idea of being a “hands-on” place for kids of all ages. And one thing that all kids use at some point in their life to build and create, is construction paper. In our rebranded Boston Children’s Museum logo, construction paper forms shapes which all come together to form the BCM letters, which we felt represented the building blocks that kids use every day. We took this idea and created a print ad series to represent the bigger idea that behind these building blocks, is a world of imagination.
Art Director & Animator: Amanda Griffin
Copywriter: Emily Bishop