Amanda Griffin Design | ReebokBe More Than Human
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Be More Than Human

This is a project created for a Creative Concept Class, put on by The Ad Club of Boston, MA.
Client: Reebok
Task: Come up with a way to get more people to purchase from Reebok.
Solve: I decided to focus on a play off of their current campaign, Be More Human, which challenges people to live up to their full potentials and be a better human by being a better athlete. However, I realized that the campaign is aimed at the all-around fitness person, those who devote their lives to programs like CrossFit. But not everyone can devote all of their time to their fitness. I wanted to show that you can still be a better human by being a better athlete and following your other daily passions at the same time. I created a series of ads that portray the campaign’s same idea, while opening the doors to people of all levels of fitness and those who are following multiple dreams. They are one passion by day and another by night, making them more than human.