Amanda Griffin Design | The 2018Women’s Leadership Forum
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The 2018
Women’s Leadership Forum

The Women’s Leadership Forum is an event put on each year by The Ad Club that is dedicated to recognizing and honoring inspirational individuals for their leadership qualities and accomplishments. As a celebration of their 10th anniversary, this year’s event shined a spotlight on the accomplished women of Boston who made an impact throughout the Commonwealth, across the nation and around the globe. 1400 people traveled to the Seaport World Trade center on March 26th, 2018, to hear their empowering stories. 
As an Art Director at The Ad Club, I was tasked to conceptualize, develop and lead the event’s look and feel as well as all creative marketing and print materials.
I photographed and created a double-exposure effect of each woman who was to speak at the event, to represent the idea that Boston will always be the foundation within each inspiring woman. These unique images I created then became my foundation for the design of the program book, as well as the idea behind the whole event. I also developed the stage and room look and feel, including any props, lighting and slides to go with the event’s presentation, along with pre-event social posts, print ads and emails to market and promote the event.
Event photography by Michael Blanchard.