U.S. Cellular
E-Mail Template Redesign

Client: U.S. Cellular


Task: Find a way to condense the overall space within U.S. Cellular’s E-mails.


Solve: Removal of certain elements within the E-mail. I also took this opportunity to rework a few other elements to help improve the overall appearance, which would therefore hopefully help increase the overall click rate. The E-mail on the left is an example of a previous E-mail with the original template. On the right is the same E-mail with the updates that I proposed. Below these two E-mails is an explanation of where each update was being made. Along with the updates, I designed a set of icons that would be used in place of the navigation bar, depending on which link each different E-mail called for.


In the end, the only updates that were approved were the updates to the header and footer.


Art Director and Designer: Amanda Griffin